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Amazing Piano Performances

Amazing Piano Performances

The following YouTube videos are a collection of amazing piano performances.  We have shown some of these to students at assemblies at Glen Cove.  Students were and are fascinated by the technical virtuosity of these performers.  To play at this level requires about 10,000 hours of practice during a 5-10 year period of time or about 8 hours a day.  The notion of "talent" is a matter of debate but obviously to play for 10,000 hours a performer would need to have some aptitude, success, interest, and lots of support either from family or the nation.  Many brilliant pianists come from Russia which has a rigorous conservatory approach to teaching young musicians.

Ivo Pogorelich Plays Ravel Scarbo  (Many upper grade students liked this performance) (op 39 #3)

Gawrilav -- Rachmaninoff Etude opus 39 #3

Valentina Lisista….etude op 39 No. 6  (students' favorite at an assembly)


Martha Argerich  -- Scarlatti Sonata 141

Pogorelich plays Scarlatti Sonata d minor number 1

Horowitz e major sonata…Scarlatti 521 K23

Gilels – Rachmaninoff Prelude in B Flat

Vladimir Ashkenazy plays Chopin's Etude 1 opus 10

Richter …Chopin Etude op 10 #4

Jordan Adams (10 year old African American Boy...amazing) plays Chopin's Etude op 25 #10