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Accelerated Reader


Students at Glen Cove participate in a motivational reading program called Accelerated Reader.  The program helps students develop fluency, vocabulary, and most of all a love for reading.  The way is works is that students read books that are at their correct level of difficulty -- not too easy, not too hard.  Students read silently in class each day at at home.  Immediately after reading a book, they take a quiz on the computer that is set up in the classroom.  The student receives a printout that gives a percentage score and tells how many points were earned.  Each book is worth a certain number of points.  Students earn full points if they score 100 percent.  If they pass at 60% the number of points is less.  The ideal goal is for students to pass quizzes between 85% and 92%.  If they are passing at the 60% or 70% rate, the books they are choosing are too hard.  They will not make reading progress reading these books.  If they are passing at a 100% rate, the books are too easy.  The teacher monitors the class often with reports that are generated by the program.  Students and teachers will have conferences about points, levels, and goals for a period of time.  At Glen Cove, honor roll for 4th and 5th graders  has an Accelerated Reader standard of 25 points or more per trimester.

https://WWW.ARBOOKFIND.COM is a marvelous website to help parents to find books for their children at the public library.  Searches can include author, level of book, interest of students and much more.  Please take advantage of this service and the public library!

If you are unsure of how well your child is doing in Accelerated Reader, you may go online to monitor their points and comprehension levels.  The website is   Your child’s user name and password at school are what is required to log on.