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Common Plants of the Glen Cove Area

Common Plants of the Glen Cove Area

The PDF attachment under this heading includes photo copies of common plants we have pressed and labeled at Glen Cove.  A great activity for children is making natural history collections.  Plants are a good place to start.  The easiest way to press plants is to use an old thick book.  Place the plant sample between pages and spread it out as you roll the pages over it.  Wait a few weeks for it to dry out.  A laminating machine is a great and easy way to mount the specimens on card stock. Contact paper is a second best.  Be sure to label the specimens with a date and the place where it was found.  Keep labeling consistent on each sample.  Put them together as a book for reference.

Learning the names of plants is a fun activity for children.  Although this is a simple idea it teaches students to differentiate between plants and observe distinguishing characteristics. The PDF file also has natural history information about each plant from a great book The Natural History of Vacant Lots from the UC Berkeley Press.  The book also has many wonderful activities for children and families.

A good place to start a collection is from your lawn -- Bristly Ox Tongue is everywhere along with Hop Clover, Bur Clover, Bird's Foot Trefoil, etc.

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