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Glen Cove Elementary School


Glen Cove Mission, Vision, and Values Statements


Mission:         High Achievement With Kindness for Success (HAWKS)


Glen Cove is like a potter’s wheel.  The hands that shape the clay are many: students; teachers; principals; and friends.  Glen Cove is a place of opportunity.  It is a place for caring work.  It is a place for developing the rich potential of a child’s mind, for meeting the needs of students rather than mandating a single finished product.  Glen Cove is part of an infinite evolving process whose finished product is a productive member of society.  It is a potter’s wheel and not a mold.  Glen Cove School is a place where students, teachers and parents are actively involved in the learning and growth of all the members of the school community.  We value the richness of our diverse cultures and will attempt to be responsive to all of our students’ cultures at home and at school. Given our efforts to learn about our students’ different cultures we need our parents’ assistance to ensure that EVERY CHILD, ONE VOICE.  When all community members come together to foster high academic achievement and personal growth our children soar to new heights, so the Glen Cove staff members are encouraging all parents to join our Parent Teacher Association (PTA).



  • Glen Cove establishes and implements a framework for school change that embraces the district’s mission, values and goals and incorporates efforts to ensure students develop kindness, respect, responsibility, independence, and self-motivation.
  • Respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of the diversity of our student population and a fostering of goodwill between and among all members of the school community.
  • Quality collaboration and planning at grade levels and school-wide for all students to be successful achieving grade level standards and benchmarks.
  • The use of quality data gathered: STAR Early Literacy, Math STAR and AR STAR
  • Professional development and support for continuous improvement efforts.
  • Parent, business, and community involvement.
  • Comprehensive, ongoing teacher evaluation and feedback to support student success.
  • Celebration of success for all students in a variety of ways.



  • All students have the right to learn/All teachers have the right to teach.  We will both learn and teach with a purpose in mind.
  • Collaboration
  • Equity
  • Responsibility