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School Rules

For Student Safety and the Safety of Others

  • Arrive at school no earlier than 8:10 AM. (8:00 for breakfast)
  • Before school, report directly to the blacktop where there is supervision.  Do not go to classrooms!
  • Line up at 8:25 at the whistle.
  • Leave school at 3:00 or 1:30 on minimum days.
  • Go directly home and not play after school.  Do not go to the park to play unsupervised.
  • Never go in a pod, building or classroom without teacher supervision.
  • Walk to and from the recess yard and when exiting buildings.  
  • Do not throw, bounce, or kick balls after the bell.  Do not get into conflict over who has the ball.
  • Stay on the playground that has supervisors.
  • Benches are for sitting.  Sitting or playing on handrails is not safe.
  • Do not go behind the storage containers or up on the hillside.
  • Do not throw dirt, sand, rocks, pine cones or other objects.  A rock is considered a weapon.
  • Chase games and contact games such as tag and football are not allowed at recess.
  • Do not push or play around the drinking fountains.
  • Do not play in the bathrooms.
  • Fighting and play fighting, including karate type kicking are never allowed.
  • Get a pass to go from or to the rooms or office.

For the Courtesy of Others:

  • Your job at school is to learn.  Do not disrupt teaching or learning.
  • Use a quiet voice as you move around the school.
  • Do not play near buildings, including under the trees by C-Pod.
  • Conduct yourself in a respectful and kind manner.
  • Name calling, put-downs, bullying and harassment are not permitted.
  • Promptly obey the directions of all adults in a cooperative manner.
  • Respect school property and the property of others.
  • Come dressed appropriately for school activities.
  • Be a good sport when things do not go your way.
  • Share all play equipment.
  • Candy, gum, and energy drinks are not allowed at school.
  • Toys, trading cards, radios, and other valuables are not allowed at school.
  • Cell phones are to be off in class and not to be used at recess.  Pictures and video are not allowed.