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About Us

Glen Cove Elementary School is a place where educators, parents, and students are actively involved in the learning and growth of all members of the school community.  It is a place for meeting the needs of students and developing the rich potential of each child’s mind.  It is a safe place where children are free to learn, grow, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes.  Our school mascot is the HAWK.  This is also an acronym for High Achievement With Kindness.  Our mission is to ensure measurable academic and social progress for all students.  We will provide a challenging program to all students in a caring way with support systems for all levels.

Glen Cove Elementary School is a K-5 elementary school that opened its doors in September 1988. The community is a planned subdivision, located near the border between Vallejo and Benicia. In our first three years we increased in population from a school of 350 students to a school of well over 900. To accommodate this growth, Glen Cove School became a year-round school on a four track rotating system. Enrollment declined in the late 90s and early 2000s, and in 2003 we returned to a traditional calendar.  In 2006, Davidson Elementary School was closed.  Half of those students are now at Glen Cove. 

Glen Cove is an ethnically diverse school with many students who speak languages other than English.  We have recently become a Title I school which provides us with specific funding.

Glen Cove earned the California Distinguished School Award in 2000 and an Honorable Mention award in 2005.  The standards for achieving this award are challenging.  An area of strength for Glen Cove over the years has been in data analysis and use in improving instructional practices.