Parking Lot

Our parking lot was not designed for the number of cars using it each day.  For the most part we see one car per each student.  The original designers thought that many more children would walk and bike to school.  We would like to encourage walking and biking for student health and to increase safety.  We are working with the Safe Routes to School Project to focus on this.  We would like to establish a "walking school bus" with parent volunteers walking groups of students to and from school each day.  Please call the school if you would like to help with this project.

Glen Cove has a Safety Patrol set up in the morning to keep traffic flowing and to ensure that parents drop off their children legally and safely from the white zone in front of the school.  If you wish to park please use the parking lot designated for parents.  The side area near A-Pod and the portables is for staff only.  It is not safe for parents to use this area to drop off or pick up students.

After school we have allowed parents who are car pooling two families to use the basketball area to pick up students.  If you are carpooling two families, please drive carefully in this area.  PLEASE TRY TO CARPOOL.  Obviously, if we had fewer cars, the parking lot would work much better for everyone.  Buses have priority to the loading area in front of the school.  Please cooperate with our bus drivers.

Legal Reminders -- It is not legal to load or unload children from the red curbs.  You can be cited by the VPD.  It is not legal or very nice to park in the white zones and block the only legal and safe place to pick up children.  The single most dangerous activity in the parking lot occurs when parents beckon their children to cross through traffic to be picked up.  Please only pick up your children from the white zone or park first and escort your child to your car.  We highly recommend picking up students from the south side of North Regatta that has been allowed for pick up.  We also recommend parking on side streets and walking with your children after school -- Beston, Topsail, etc.  PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND PATIENT IN THE PARKING LOT!!!!  In general, the parking lot flows after about 10 minutes if everyone cooperates.

PLEASE DO NOT TALK ON CELL PHONES OR TEXT WHILE PICKING UP OR DRIVING STUDENTS!!!!  It is shocking how often we see this dangerous and illegal practice.  Be sure your child is buckled in before driving away.  It is also shocking how often we see students not buckled in with a seat belt.