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Office Hours are 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

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Important Information

In 2015-16, school will start at 8:30. Wednesdays are minimums days with dismissal at 1:30. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, school dismissal will be at 3:00.

Attendance Rules Summary

It is important for parents to understand the rules on attendance.  Children can only be absent for three reasons: illness, doctor's appointment, or bereavement for immediate family.  If a student is not in school for any other reason, they are marked as truant.  Parents must call the school or write a note to verify an absence. It is also a truancy if a child is late by more than 30 minutes or picked up early by more than 30 minutes without a valid reason.

Please do not plan vacations on school days or to extend a weekend.  This is not legal.  Your child misses school and learns that schoolwork is not important.  We very much want to improve our attendance and our student achievement -- both go together.

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Calendar Summary

February 9 -- Family Health Night 6:00

February 12 -- Minimum Day Dismissal

February 15 -- School Closed for President’s Day

February 25 -- Black History Night 6:30 PM

March 1 -- kindergarten enrollment and open enrollment










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Welcome to the Glen Cove Elementary School Website.  We hope that you will find and be able to access useful information about the school.  As a reminder, each week we publish a newsletter that all children bring home.  This is and will continue to be our primary means of regular communication.  We post the content of the Newsletter below each week.  The Peachjar feature on the top left hand of this page has flyers from the community that would be of interests to families.  Just click on the icon.

Full Service Community School News

Hawk's Eye Weekly Parent Newsletter

Minimum Day on Friday -- 1:30 Dismissal for All Students.  Please be on time!  School is closed on Monday for President’s Day.


Lost Clothing Weather -- Cool to Warm Days.  Put names on jackets and sweaters.

This is a good time to put your child’s name on their jackets, sweaters, wool caps, etc.  When the weather is cool in the morning and then warm in the afternoon students take off their jackets and sweaters and tend to forget where they left them.  If there is a full name on the item, we can return it to them.  If not, it goes in the lost and found pile.  After a few weeks we give these items away to charity.


Water Safety Assemblies

This week all students attended a water safety assembly and learned ways to be safe in and around water.  Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children from 1 to 15.  Vallejo is surrounded by water.  It is important that parents and children are safe around water.  It is important that children learn to swim!  Very few of our fifth grade students pass the swim test when we take them to the pool at the end of the year.  Swim lessons are offered at Cunningham Pool in Vallejo through GVRD.  In addition to being able to swim, children and adults need to wear life preservers on boats that ARE THE CORRECT SIZE. Parents must always supervise their children near water particularly near rivers or the ocean.  The Carquinez Straits often has currents as strong as a river close to the shore.


Lots of Tired Children!  No TVs in Bedrooms

For whatever reason (Super Bowl??) there were lots of very tired and angry children on Monday.  There were dark circles under the eyes of many of our students.  Please be sure your child goes to bed early and gets plenty of sound sleep.  If there is a TV in their rooms, it should be removed.  Children who watch TV in bed tend to get poor sleep.  TV should also be supervised carefully. Students who are tired tend to lose focus easily and are unable to sustain a focus on school work.  This can result in frustration and anger. 


Academic Achievement Results Show a Decline at Glen Cove

Last week students in grades 3-5 took a short district assessment.  Our math scores were around the district average which is disappointing.  Our ELA results were the lowest in the district which is of very serious concern.  We will be addressing this with teachers and students to improve performance  with common core assessments.  Next week we start more extensive district assessments.  Please encourage children to do their best!


Accelerated Reader Congratulations

Each week we publish the names of students who have earned different levels of points in our Accelerated Reading program.  STUDENTS WHO HAVE EARNED POINT LEVELS AT 85% COMPREHENSION OR MORE WILL HAVE A STAR BY THEIR NAMES.  Please encourage your child to earn points and to read at their correct level of difficulty.  The following students have earned 10 points:  Heaven Crowder and Alex Ramirez*.  Congratulations to the following students for earning 25 points: Ta’Janae Broussard*, Eric Savoy, Erin Huiner*, Rashawn Copeland, Meliza Smith, Aaron Morrow*, Jordan Smith*, Sophia Foster*, Janetta Taylor, J.R. Gonzalez*, Bria Wilson*, and Dyami Guidry. Congratulations to the following for earning 50 points:  Keyara Pascua*, Dan Aris Vergara*, Maleah Lumanlan*, Francesca Bueno*, Armon Maxwell, Tashamii Parker*, Norianne Daisha Meim*, and Ryann Madison.  Congratulations to Austin Martin* for earning 200 points.


Anger Management Instruction

As the weather warms, there tends to be more angry interactions at recess mostly but also in the classrooms.  At school we teach students to: 1. walk away from a situation or student that is making them angry; 2. breathe deeply and slowly; 3. count backwards from 10.  Later, get help from an adult.   Anger management is an essential life skill for all our students and adults.  It would help if parent did not teach their children to hit back in “self defense” as many episodes of anger result in hitting and fighting.  Students almost always will say the other student started it to justify their behavior.  We especially want student to use kind words and most conflict tend to start with mean words.


ADA for Last Week  92.8%; 145 Late Students

Last week there were 173 students absent.  This is a 92.8% ADA for the week. There were 35 students truant. These are not good attendance numbers.  There were 145 students late.  These poor number affect student academic performance in several ways.  Please be sure your child is here every day and on time!



Spiritwear on Fridays

For school spirit, students are to wear spiritwear T-shirts or our school colors, blue and grey, on Fridays.


In order to register your child at school you must bring your child's birth certificate, shot records, and proof that you reside within our school boundaries. Before the start of the school year, come to the office any time between 8:00 and 3:00. After the start of the year, please avoid coming between 8:15 and 9:00 and 3:00-3:30 as these are very busy times for the office.

Kindergarten Parent Guide - English

Kindergarten Parent Guide

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