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Office Hours are 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

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Important Information

In 2015-16, school will start at 8:30. Wednesdays are minimums days with dismissal at 1:30. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, school dismissal will be at 3:00.

Attendance Rules Summary

It is important for parents to understand the rules on attendance.  Children can only be absent for three reasons: illness, doctor's appointment, or bereavement for immediate family.  If a student is not in school for any other reason, they are marked as truant.  Parents must call the school or write a note to verify an absence. It is also a truancy if a child is late by more than 30 minutes or picked up early by more than 30 minutes without a valid reason.

Please do not plan vacations on school days or to extend a weekend.  This is not legal.  Your child misses school and learns that schoolwork is not important.  We very much want to improve our attendance and our student achievement -- both go together.

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Calendar Summary

August 17 -- First Day of School -- Minimum Day Dismissal at 1:30 (12:30 for kindergarten)

August 18 -- Minimum Day Dismissal for Grades 1-5

August 19 -- Minimum Day Dismissal for Grades 1-5




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Welcome to the Glen Cove Elementary School Website.  We hope that you will find and be able to access useful information about the school.  As a reminder, each week we publish a newsletter that all children bring home.  This is and will continue to be our primary means of regular communication.  We post the content of the Newsletter below each week.  The Peachjar feature on the top left hand of this page has flyers from the community that would be of interests to families.  Just click on the icon.

Hawk's Eye Weekly Parent Newsletter


First Day of New Year August 17th; Class Lists Posted on the 16th at 12:00.  The starting time and dismissal times for next year will remain the same.  The first day of the school year will be a minimum day with dismissal at 1:30.  Next year’s calendar is on the left side of the district website.


Noon Duty Supervisors Needed for Next Year.  Apply online at Edjoin.org.  Call the school office for help with the application process and access to the school parent computer.  We also need para educators, substitute para educators, substitute teachers.


Registration of new students -- The school office will be open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 for registering new students through June 30.  During July the school will be closed.  Registrations will resume in August.  The following documents are required for registration:

--A completed New Students Registration Form

--An up-to- dat record of immunizations

--Original birth certificate, certified copy or clear copy of the birth certificate

--Proof of address with parent or guardian name (two are required of the following: mortgage papers, rental agreement, utitility bill, car registration with insurance, pay stubs.  Driver's license is not an acceptable proof of address.)

--Parent/Guardian ID

-- kindergarten students need a complet Report of Health Examination and an oral health assessment.

Please call the office at 556-8491 if you have questions about the registration process.


Kindness Magazine on Glen Cove Website

Please enjoy the wonderful writings of our students on the Glen Cove Website.  It is on the lower left of the Home Page in a PDF file.


June 1, 2016


Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members,

June 30, 2016 will be my last day as the Principal of Glen Cove Elementary School.  This is my 27th year at the school and my 23rd year as the principal. It has been my pleasure to serve this community, its children, and our families.  I want to thank all the remarkable parents and staff who have been part of the history of this school particularly my office staff including Janice Carpenter, Denise Michel and from the past JoAnn Mansfield.  I also want to thank my vice principals and teacher leaders including Susan Buck-Gordon, Sandy Rhodes, Elissa Stewart, Susan Walls and Alison Ciano.  I have been blessed to have worked with such dedicated and caring experts in the field of education.  Krystal Points will be the next Principal of Glen Cove.  I know that the school will be in good hands.


This last month of school we have focused on kindness in words and actions.  There are outstanding writings in our student magazine posted on the front of our website.  The idea of kindness has been central to our school for its history.  Our motto is High Achievement With Kindness for Success – HAWKS. Ultimately we need to teach our children to love and to care for one another.  Posted on my door is a poster my daughter gave me years ago.  It is a picture of Mahatma Ghandi with his quote “An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind.”  In my career of 34 years, I have probably handled 15,000 or more office referrals.  It is based on this experience that I again ask parents not to teach children that hitting back is self-defense.  We want to solve problems using restorative justice or with discipline and consequences not with physical retaliation. We also need to teach children to comply with all kinds of authority figures and directions.  Many of our older children become upset over simple procedural direction.  Following directions is a skill necessary for employment and safety.


It has been important to me to teach children music. There are about 4,000 graduates from Glen Cove who can sing about 150 songs, mostly show tunes and old songs.  I am hoping that students from Glen Cove will join choral groups and sing.  They have wonderful voices.  We always need basses and tenors!  I am also hoping that students will go to classical and jazz concerts and play this kind of music at home.  Musicians need audiences to support their art.  Our students enjoy these concerts and know how to be an outstanding audience for performers.


It has also been important to me that the school provides unforgettable science experiences and to be sure that our girls connect with these experiences.  I would imagine that no one will forget the dissection of the fish eye we did a month ago. Not one child said “ewe” when the lens popped out.  I am so pleased that we are bringing back art, music, and science and that there are LCAP funds for this from the state.


Lastly, we need our children to grow up to be teachers and administrators in our schools.  Educating all children is the most noble of human endeavors and is the hope for our future.





Gregory Allison




Dear Parents and Guardians of Students at Glen Cove,


As principal of Glen Cove, I am extremely proud of our students, teachers and the educational opportunities offered at our school and throughout the Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD), but I write to you today to discuss the state of our current facilities necessary to support our new educational programs that prepare our students for college and careers in the 21st century.

VCUSD, like many Districts in California and the Bay Area, has a number of aging facilities. Many of the District’s schools were constructed in the 1940’s and 50’s and some are older than that – with the average age of VCUSD facilities being 60 years old. The District has continuously worked to maintain these facilities and keep them in good working condition. However, they have suffered from years of continuous, heavy use and declining maintenance funding. 

In 2014, VCUSD conducted a needs assessment and engaged community and staff at each school site, including ours, to develop a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (FMP) that identified a number of facilities and educational program needs, along with funding estimates to:  repair deteriorating restrooms and leaky roofs, replace outdated electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, improve safety and security systems such as fencing, video surveillance, fire alarm and sprinkler systems, as well as updates to classrooms, science labs, and technology infrastructure. I invite you to review the entire FMP as well as the one specific to Glen Cove at:  http://vcusd-ca.schoolloop.com/fmp2014

In the coming weeks and months, we will be reviewing the needs for the district and our site in greater detail as part of a district-wide process directed towards solutions, one of which may  be a school bond.  I will provide periodic information updates as well as meeting dates/times where you, as parents, can help guide us in finding solutions that ensure our students our educated in facilities that support learning in the 21st century.

Thanks in advance for your help!




Gregory Allison



June 13, 2016

Dear Megan Lane and Alumni of Glen Cove,


I wanted to thank Megan for organizing the alumni participation at our final chorus concert.  Her speech was particularly touching and that everyone got up and sang was amazing.  I was moved especially when we sang Tomorrow.  There are moments in musical performance that create a sense of transcendence.  There is a sense of oneness with the music and a sense of clarity and meaning in the performance.  In my musical career this experience is somewhat rare.  It was a surprise to me that this occurred at the concert and that you were all a part of this event.


Megan’s speech was touching.  Although I have met with Glen Cove alumni over the years and had some awareness that former students had a connection with chorus on some level or another, mostly in joking, I had no idea that singing was more than that for many students.  That idea brings to me a deep sense of satisfaction.  For me, directing chorus on Friday was an essential part being the principal.  It was a way to connect with all students not just the ones with behavioral difficulties who dominate the time of the administrator.  In fact, I had a personal policy that no behavioral situation would cancel chorus.  It was an important way to end the week – on a positive note so to speak.  There is research that indicates that singing in groups creates the most oxytocin of any activity we do.  Oxytocin is the anti-stress chemical the body produces when you hold a baby or other activities that bring us together.


It is of concern to me that singing in groups is so infrequent in our country.  In light of all the TV shows on singing and that we listen to music constantly, it is a puzzle to me.  It was also a frustration to see young male students around 5th grade not singing in chorus. Some years this was almost like an infection that would spread from one or two grumpy students.  Somehow singing became not cool or “unmanly” or something for the boys to sing.  The end result of this culture is that we have very few tenors or basses in adult choral groups.  I would like to encourage all alumni to join a choral group such as the Vallejo Choral Society as I know that you all can sing in tune.  You learn to sing in tune by learning 50 songs a year as a child with no one ever saying that you can’t sing or that you are tone deaf.  VCS meets every Wednesday night from 7-10 PM at the Masonic Lodge starting August 31.  Andrew Brown is a great conductor.  There is no audition.


It was also important to me to teach all of you how to be an audience for any kind of musical experience.  Musicians need our support by being an audience.  Please try to attend concerts such as the Vallejo Symphony or the Vallejo Choral Society.  It is a source of pride for me that even kindergarten students at Glen Cove can sit silently and listen to Bach or Brahms for 30 minutes and clap appropriately at the end. It was a pleasure for me to be your principal and music teacher.



Greg Allison

Parent Volunteer of the Year Maria Madrigal

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Rhonda Brown -- Teacher of the Year

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Nani Flazier -- Classified Person of the Year

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Three Principals -- Krystal Points 2016--, Greg Allison 1993-2016, Kathy Howard 1989-1993

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Spiritwear on Fridays

For school spirit, students are to wear spiritwear T-shirts or our school colors, blue and grey, on Fridays.


In order to register your child at school you must bring your child's birth certificate, shot records, and proof that you reside within our school boundaries. Before the start of the school year, come to the office any time between 8:00 and 3:00. After the start of the year, please avoid coming between 8:15 and 9:00 and 3:00-3:30 as these are very busy times for the office.

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