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Office Hours

Office Hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Important Information

In 2014-15 school will start at 9:00. Wednesdays are minimums days with dismissal at 1:00. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, school dismissal will be at 3:40.

Attendance Rules Summary

It is important for parents to understand the rules on attendance.  Children can only be absent for three reasons: illness, doctor's appointment, or bereavement for immediate family.  If a student is not in school for any other reason, they are marked as truant.  Parents must call the school or write a note to verify an absence. It is also a truancy if a child is late by more than 30 minutes or picked up early by more than 30 minutes without a valid reason.

Please do not plan vacations on school days or to extend a weekend.  This is not legal.  Your child misses school and learns that schoolwork is not important.  We very much want to improve our attendance and our student achievement -- both go together.


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Calendar Summary


November 12-21 -- Parent Conferences -- Minimum Days with 1:00 Dismissal

November 18 -- Book Fair and Water Color Night

December 1 -- Kindergarten Extended Day Dismissal 1:50 PM

December 9 -- ELAC 9:20; SSC 6:00

December 18 -- Holiday Sing-a-Long 7:00 PM





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Welcome to the Glen Cove Elementary School Website.  We hope that you will find and be able to access useful information about the school.  As a reminder, each week we publish a newsletter that all children bring home.  This is and will continue to be our primary means of regular communication.  We post the content of the Newsletter below each week.

Hawk's Eye Weekly Parent Newsletter

Parent Conferences November 12th through 21st -- All Minimum Days with Dismissal at 1:00


Parent Conference Scheduling and Suggestions

        Be sure you have a time scheduled for your parent conferences.  Teachers have sent home forms for scheduling.  Many parents have yet to respond and as yet are not scheduled.  Be sure that you are on time to your parent conference as these are scheduled back-to-back with little wiggle room for parents who are late.

        At the parent conference, be sure to ask questions.  Teachers will be explaining Common Core Curriculum and the new report card.  They will be reviewing assessment data for your child and will tell you areas that you can work on at home.  The focus of Common Core Curriculum is thinking and being able to explain reasons for answers in both language arts and math.  We are emphasizing non-fiction text and writing.  As an example, a grading area on the report card is “key ideas and details.”  This would involve students referring to text as a basis for answers; recounting key details and explaining how they support the main idea;  and describing the relationship between cause and effect in historical or scientific text. 


27 First Graders to Be Excluded for No Physical!!!

        At this time we have 27 first graders who can not come to school after November 17th unless they have a physical examination by a doctor.  This is a state law for good reasons.  At this time we have made numerous contacts to parents on this requirement.  Please be sure your child has the required examination!!!!


Noon Duty Supervisors Needed!!!!

      We very much need additional substitute noon duty supervisors at Glen Cove.  This is a great way to be a part of the school and to get experience working with children.  Please call the office if you are interested.  Applications for positions need to be submitted using the website edjoin.org We can help you with this process. 


Book Fair and Water Color Night November 18th

        We will have another famous watercolor night on November 18th with Mr. Quig-Hartman starting at 6:30 PM.  The PTA will also have a book fair night and will be selling food for families for a great night out at Glen Cove.  Please mark your calendars!


Food Bank Collection -- Bring canned foods and non-perishable foods to the bins outside the office!

Accelerated Reader Congratulations

         Each week we publish the names of students who have earned different levels of points in our Accelerated Reading program.  STUDENTS WHO HAVE EARNED POINT LEVELS AT 85% COMPREHENSION OR MORE WILL HAVE A STAR BY THEIR NAMES.  Please encourage your child to earn points and to read at their correct level of difficulty.  The following students have earned 10 points:  Leilani Rodriguez, Kaylee Lopez Martinez*, Andre Tomacino, Kayla Johnson, Devin Mertens*, Brandon Paningbatan, Jason Marcacci, Julianna Lum*, Maryah Davis, Draven Mireless*, Jacob Beserra*, Hector Rodriguez, Jaden Sunga, Jayla Adams, Julianna Reiterman, Jacob Chao, Rafael Enrique Manabat, Alonzo Thompson, and Kayla Marshall.

Congratulations to the following students for earing 25 points: Yamannie Jones*, Amaya Espinoza*,Jordan Spencer, Shaan Bawa*, Gabriela Rodriguez*, Phyllis Collins, Katelyn Yu, Vanessa Morales*, Alexa Rodriguez, Erica Zetina, Heila Al-aboodi*.  Congratulations to Isabelle Cabrera*, and Yuliana Robles* for earning 50 points.


PTA Book Fair Open After School Thursday, November13th, through Tuesday, November 18th, in Room B-4


ADA For Last Week  94.7% (not very good)

We had 138 students absent last week giving us an ADA of 94.7%.  There were 52 students who were truant. This is a lot of truant students!  There were 65 students late for school last week which is an improvement from the past several weeks!  Please be sure your child is in school everyday and on time.




Spiritwear on Fridays

For school spirit, students are to wear spiritwear T-shirts or our school colors, blue and grey, on Fridays.


In order to register your child at school you must bring your child's birth certificate, shot records, and proof that you reside within our school boundaries. Before the start of the school year, come to the office any time between 8:00 and 3:00. After the start of the year, please avoid coming between 8:45 and 9:30 and 3:30-4:00 as these are very busy times for the office.

Kindergarten Parent Guide - English

Kindergarten Parent Guide

Kindergarten Parents Guide - Spanish

Kindergarten Parent Guide- Spanish